5 Core Stability Exercises You Need to Know

5 Core Stability Exercises You Need to Know

From this article you will learn 5 Core Stability Exercises You Need to Know.

Here we’ve got five exercises vapors core stabilization the core. Stabilization is very important because the core of the body is where all movement begins and core is defined as the lumbo-pelvic hip complex in the lumbar and thoracic spine essentially it’s all the muscles to the center

Section of the torso of the body with exception of the extremities so the five exercises to do today:

The first of those is called a plank plank it involves.

Getting down into this position elbows and help with the forearms on the ground. I’m going to create a nice straight line from the shoulders all the weight the heels making sure that midsection does

Not say you’re going to hold this these core stabilization exercises We really rely a little movement throughout the center of the body they rely on an isometric contraction so just keeping that Conte in next able position the.

Second of the exercise is called a bird dog.

Bird dog I’m beginning get on all fours and just like a dog and it would be lifting my opposite arm and opposite straight up and out again creating a nice straight plane in the fingers all. The way down your toes switch sides

Third of the exercise is called bridge T.

And the bridge T we’re going to use a stability ball and stability moment this first part this is going to involve an exercise which is central to just about everything that you do with the stability on that is to the bridge for the bridge to get out on the ball.

Roll out to my neck and shoulders are supported by the ball I’m creating a nice flat plane with the body again making sure that midsection is not saying bring my arms out into a tee and I don’t want to rock my shoulders and I don’t want to move the hips I just want to move from side to side so there’s no rotational motion of the body just going to roll out onto the triceps keeping the body stable just at the point where I’m just about to fall off that ball I’m relying on the stabilization of the core

Next exercise it’s called a stability

Ball roll mouth I’m going to use this ball again and my hands on the side of the ball forward way forward and back one more time the way out

The last exercise is called a jackknife the jackknife.

When you get on the ball you push up the position it here come all the way up keeping the head in line with the body.

Those are five core stabilization exercises.

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