20 Pull-ups program: Day 5

Repeat the day that you found to be the hardest in the previous four days. This will change from week to week. If for example “Day 2″ ended up being the toughest day of the week, fill up the section for “Day 5″ in your training log like this: Repeat the program for “Day 2″ […]

20 Pull-ups program: Day 4

Do the maximum number of training sets that you can accomplish You do training sets until you fail to do a perfect training set Rest 60 seconds between each set This day can wind up being the longest training day as you continue with the program because you will find it easy to do lots […]

20 Pull-ups program: Day 3

On this day you will do 9 training sets (each set will have the number of repetitions decided at the beginning of the week) Do 3 training sets with a normal overhand grip Do 3 training sets gripping the bar so that your palms are toward your face and your little fingers are touching each […]

20 Pull-ups program

This program is based on principles required for successful physical improvement: VARIETY, OVERLOAD, and REGULARITY. Regularity is very important for the success of every training program. By performing daily exercises as described here you will on your way to achieving your goal of 20 pull-ups in one set. Morning push-ups routine Pull-ups target mainly upper […]

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