Maximum muscle trainer wall-mounted pull up chin up bar


A wall mounted pull up bar will allow you to perform pull ups and chin ups at home. These exercises will develop your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Pull ups and chin ups use the fingers, hands, and forearms and give you muscularity and strength by using your own body weight.

Muscles throughout your back, particularly the trapezius and latissimus dorsi, as well as your abdominal muscles will also become toned and defined by doing these exercises.

While most strength training exercises involve expensive gym equipment or expansive weight sets, all that you need to perform pull ups or chin ups is a pull up bar. There are many types of pull up bars on the market. Door mounted pull up bars stretch to fit snugly inside of a door frame.

A wall mounted pull up bar is an economical and space-friendly way to get your pull up and chin up exercises done at home.

The Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar is a high-quality, professional wall mounted pull up bar. With the ability to hold up to 400 pounds of weight, it is one of the strongest pull up bars available today. It is crafted out of high quality steel with a non-slip powder coat and soft grips for comfort. This wall mounted pull up bar is friendly to your budget and will allow you to get the workout that you need.

This pull up bar comes with an installation kit and can be mounted on a wood beam or solid wall. Not only can a wall mounted bar hold more weight than a door mounted pull up bar, but because it is attached directly to a wooden beam or wall, it is far safer. Assembly is easy and you can perform many different kinds of pull ups and chin ups on this bar.

Pull-up bar

Characteristics wall-mounted pull up chin up bar

The Maximum Muscle Trainer Pull Up Bar is comparable to many other pull up bars on the market that cost easily twice as much, if not more. I am in the construction business and assembly was quite easy for me. I can see that a person may have some difficulty installing this pull up bar for this first time.

Compared to a door mounted pull up bar, installation is far more difficult but the safety and quality of a wall mounted pull up bar makes it worth it. The kit is complete with all of the nuts, bolts, washers, and plugs that you need, as well as a detailed instruction manual. So long as you take your time, installation should be successful.

A pull up bar is especially great for a tall athlete who may not be able to use a door mounted pull up bar. You can install this at any height that you need. I have this in my small spare room which I use to do my work-out routines. This pull up bar is perfect to use for interval training exercise programs.

The grips are high quality, although you may want to use gloves if you do more than 30 chin ups or so. This bar is built to allow you to perform pull ups and chin ups at many positions. You can work out every muscle from every angle.

I highly recommend this wall mounted pull up bar. Whether you are an avid athlete or beginning a work-out regimen, this pull up bar will allow you to work out your entire upper body. Exercises that use your own body weight can completely transform your physique, you do not need a gym membership to be able to do it.

A wall mounted pull up bar and a few weights are all you need to get a quality work-out at home.

You should be looking to pay no more then $50 for this pull up bar with the best price I’ve found to date is on Amazon.

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